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Moogie does the Olympics

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

How to teleport a hammer

How to teleport a hammer, by Miriam Sturdee.

Here in Moogieland we’ve been getting quite caught up in the excitement of the games, even going so far as to find out what trap shooting is.

In honour of the Olympian efforts of the world’s finest athletes, Moogieman performed a prose-poem at the Catweazle Club last night. Not about London 2012, however, but instead the 2013 Paranormal Olympics that took place in Encarnation, Paraguay.

The run up to the 2013 Paranormal Olympics did not take place in propitious circumstances. There was a state of high tension. The depression to end depressions had sliced and diced nations and societies in more ways than anyone could count; international relations were strained to breaking point. (more…)

Rocking to the roquet

Monday, July 5th, 2010

An improvised desk-top game of croquet, using hoops made from paperclips and balls made from the wax skin of Babybel cheeses, has ended in an acrimonious dispute over the rules. (more…)