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Do Kangaroos really exist or is it all a conspiracy theory?

Monday, March 5th, 2012

An office discussion, sparked off by a chance encounter with a packet of Kangaroo Jerky leads to speculation that kangaroos are just too improbable to be real. Could they be made up?

A colleague somehow came by a packet of Kangaroo Jerky, made from ‘meat … derived from animals that received postmortem veterinary inspection and were found sound and healthy in every way.’ Being too squeamish to eat it himself he sent round an email asking if anyone else would. (more…)

Killer squirrel on the loose

Monday, August 9th, 2010
Killer squirrel with machine gun, wearing military-style beret

A friend of mine is obsessed with killer squirrels. The idea of a marauding squirrel leaping out of the trees to attack unwary passers-by intrigued me so I decided to  write a song about it. You can listen to a newly recorded version on myspace.

It turns out, though, she has more reason to be obsessed than I’d initially thought. Back in 2006 the Metro reported on a squirrel in Florida called Bruce (after Die Hard star Bruce Willis) who carried out a ‘week-long reign of terror which saw him take on three women, a toddler and his father, and several police officers,’ surviving a beating and being pepper-sprayed before he was finally apprehended. (more…)