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Ghostly images from Catweazle and Port Mahon

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Rachel Ruscombe King on piano

Faceometer at Catweazle 16th anniversary

More lomoghraphy: photosets are now on Flickr of the Catweazle open mic’s 16th anniversary on 21 October and the 5 November gig at the Port Mahon featuring Swindlestock, Rachel Ruscombe-King and Moogieman.

The Port Mahon photos are my first attempt at reverse cross-processing – developing a colour negative film in a colour slide process. This is tricky to get right, tending to result in very low contrast images, as these pictures demonstrate. However, I definitely want to try again as the slightly luminescent colours and bursting lights give a very interesting effect, when things turn out well.