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March–April Moogie News now out

Friday, March 23rd, 2012



The 4th issue of Moogie News is hot off the press. Well, photocopier as this A6 samizdat publication is hand written and drawn. Unfortunately we’re running out of space to include more than a few event listings and the flatpack merchandise promotion. Even the contest of the month (only introduced last month) had to be (more…)

Who were the troubadours, and what about the trobairitz?

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

A monthly celebreation of local songwriters, poets and general ne'er-do-wells

Some of us singer-songwriter types like to liken ourselves to troubadours. Some of us even call ourselves troubadours. This Saturday Moogieman, along with local performers Ric Wade and Roxy Brennan, and the enchanting chanteuse from New York Cal Folger Day will be taking on this designation (or in the case of the female performers, ‘trobairitz’) for James Bell’s monthly night at the Isis Tavern, by Iffley Lock.

But who were the troubadours, and what about the more obscure trobairitz? Since the gig was first advertised I’ve been surprised by how many people were unfamiliar with the term ‘troubadour’, though most were able to guess that trobairitz was the female version. (more…)

Do Kangaroos really exist or is it all a conspiracy theory?

Monday, March 5th, 2012

An office discussion, sparked off by a chance encounter with a packet of Kangaroo Jerky leads to speculation that kangaroos are just too improbable to be real. Could they be made up?

A colleague somehow came by a packet of Kangaroo Jerky, made from ‘meat … derived from animals that received postmortem veterinary inspection and were found sound and healthy in every way.’ Being too squeamish to eat it himself he sent round an email asking if anyone else would. (more…)