Moogieman at the Bully on 15 September

Finnish glam rock band Wigwam. Image from

The best gigs are like detective stories and next Thursday’s at the Bullingdon Arms is no exception.

I’ve been conducting a thorough investigation in order to bring you more info on the other acts. Facts are thinner on the ground than the soles of my well-travelled espadrilles but I can say with some certainty that the evening promises to offer an eclectic mix.

First up, the headliners, Wigwam. Could this really be the Finnish glam rock band formed in 1968, whose debut album ‘Hard ‘n’ Horny’ was described in a 1974 issue of NME as having ‘highly hummable tunes in a strange off-minor harmonic setting, out of which are spun casually loony words in the manner of a mildly psychedelic Spike Milligan.’?

Next, Martini Rockers. A toothcomb trawl of cyberspace has failed to shed any light on this intriguingly-named act. However, I do know that local musician and producer Martin Newton plays with them and he’s a man of discernment so I expect them to be good.

Bizarrely, if you search ‘Martini Rockers’ you come up with Pink Martini, a neo-swing-era big band that play Amado Mio, a song featured in the film Gilda that I was thinking of covering myself. Can this be mere coincidence?

Then there’s Yellow Fever – some google-based gumshoeing has uncovered their myspace but the real mystery here (apart from why people still use myspace) is: What on earth prompted local music magazine Nightshift to put them in the Demo Dumper last month?

Finally Jack Harley Bourne is a hard man to track down but the word on the street is that he’s folk based and he plays alone.

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t heard Moogieman yet check out his songs on Bandcamp or, even better, come along to the Bully on Thursday and catch him live.

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