No show for Finnish glam rock band at the Bully


Late 60s glam rockers Wigwam were unable to make the gig on Thursday at the Bullingdon Arms. There were suggestions this may be due to them having been refused visas on the grounds of their records not being available in the UK.

That was until some bright spark at Moogiemedia pointed out that Finland is in the EU so no visas are required. A source close to the band but not actually in touch with them said, ‘I think it’s because they were never asked to play and had no idea the gig was going on.’

Moogieman at the Bully

Fortunately an Abingdon glam rock covers band, handily also called Wigwam, were able to step into the breech and provide a tight, spangled spandex-wrapped window into a lost 70s world. Nice raw valve combo guitar riffs punched out Bowie and T-Rex favourites.Gary Glitter hits were, however, conspicuous by their absence.

Martini Rockers lived up to their name, apart from failing to sip olive-laden cocktails on stage, and also managed to change drummers mid-way through the set. They finished off with a cover of Sympathy For The Devil that transmogrified at the end to Hey Jude – something I once did with a band (although we also added Loaded by Primal Scream).


Yellow Fever put in a stirling performance, adding some Latin rythms and a slightly reggae feel to some of their spiky indie numbers.

I also had the pleasure of meeting someone very well acquainted with Louis Bleriot’s moustache – not my song but the real thing. Well a photo of the real thing at least.

Photo of Wigwam by Stuart Wigby.
Photos of Moogieman by Phillippa Hibbs (using my Olympus Trip).

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