Moogieman messes about on boats once again

Rhiannon Kelly provides flute accompaniment to the flotilla

Saturday’s naval engagement, Flotilla Thrilla 2, passed off without serious incident save some fine performances on and next to the River Cherwell.

As predicted, the weather was gloriously cloudy but rain held off, making it a somewhat drier event than the first waterborne open mic put on by moogieman.

Stuart Wigby kicked off proceedings with his hilarious yet catchy Animal Love. Then Rachel-Ruscombe King played a folk song with accompaniment by Vincent Lynch on the mandolin.

Passing punters applauded and one young lady even pulled out a trumpet and (rather inexpertly) blew a tune that sounded somewhere between God Save The Queen and the Brandenburg Concerto as the flotilla passed downstream.

When the flatulent brass noises had finally subsided Rhiannon Kelly played a baroque number on her flute, which took us almost all the way to the rollers at Parson’s Pleasure. There we disembarked and performances continued on the firm ground of the University Parks.

These included: the moogieman punting song; several poems and rousing Balkan Ska numbers by the acclaimed Steve Larkin; a new and intricate instrumental by Lewis Newcombe; readings by Dave Marston from his novel; poems from Rhiannon, duets by Rachel Ruscombe-King and Paul Hartwell (on harmonica), an a capella pastiche of the grim folk song by Vincent Lynch, a duet by Phillippa Hibbs and Rhiannon and more from Stuart Wigby.

The event concluded with a punting race back to Cherwell Boathouse. That the winner, Phillippa, with paddling support from Stuart, resorted to foul play, lent a disappointing and uncharacteristically uncouth flavour to the acquatic action of the day.

However, next year’s Flotilla Thrilla 3 promises to be an even grander affair. Get in touch to discuss bookings and performance ideas. In the meatime, here at moogiemedia we’re planning a late Autumn Closed Mic: Clichéd cover versions special. Watch out for further details here.

Rachel Ruscombe-King and Vincent Lynch seranade the flotilla
Moogieman messing about on a punt
Rachel Ruscombe-King accompanied by Paul
Rhiannon reads some poetry
Lewis Newcombeperforms a new instrumental
Phillippa Hibbs and Rhiannon Kelly
Stuart Wigby: Skomer Song
Vincent Lynch a capella
Moogieman at Flotilla Thrilla

Colour photos: Clare Heaviside
Black and white photos (using Diana Mini): Moogiemedia

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