My origami Christmas tree

origami Christmas Tree design.

I came across this design while doing research for my work Christmas tree competition. We ended up building a white 6-tier version plus trunk topped with a small stellated dodecahedron. The whole thing is about 80 cm high.

I’ve been booked to play a few numbers at the Isis Tavern tomorrow and I was trying to come up with a Christmas-themed song to go with my Fruedian–Yulean semi-prose poem.

While folding one of the tiers I had the idea of writing a song called My Origami Christmas Tree, set in Japan, about a lonely hikikomori creating an origami coniferous forest in his tiny one-room flat. The story is based partially on a real-life character, Wataru Ito, who built an entire model city using a knife, glue and craft paper.

However, I’ve also attempted to bring in more general aspects of Christmas in Japan and inject a modicum of romance.

You can hear it performed at the Isis Tavern, Saturday 17 December. The show starts at 8pm. Lot’s of high-calibre musicians will also be performing and the second half is an audience participation carol concert.

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