No sleep till Tebay

You don't need a pass to the underpass party

So I’ve now recovered sufficiently from my Edinburgh trip to write a few words and post some photos.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city, and it’s supercharged when the Fringe is on. I ended up playing the Kittens and Häagen-Dazs open mic at Pulp Fiction books, had slots on two days at the variety show Well It’s Woody, for which I got a mention in a review (Seamless cabaret night with a programme to savour …), and also played a fairly impromptu gig at a café (where I was wowed by the spiced Mexican coffee).

I also saw lots of great comedy and some brilliant improv, encountered an exciting new band with a supercool lead singer/French horn player and a genius guitarist, and did lots of dancing and partying with my travelling companions Miriam and Paul.

Highlights were:

The 1940s radio play improvisation by Racing Minds.

Taking sproket hole photos with my Holga (it takes medium format film but you use the smaller 35 mm format instead so the whole of it gets exposed, including the edges with the sproket holes).

Karaoke at Electric Circus.

Dancing to a ghetto blaster at a ‘pop-up’ party in the underpass between Pleasance Courtyard and the Dome – apparently a protest against the exclusivity of industry parties. The watchword was ‘You don’t need a pass to the underpass party‘.

Oh … and the farm shop pies at Tebay services. It’s an independently run motorway services and consequently has much better food than the usual ones.

First night in Edinburgh



Moogieman at Pulp Fiction

Underpass party

The morning after

Ami Amie and band

Sunrise over Athur's Seat


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