What to do when your album stalls?

Flowchart for recording Girls and Film.

Flowchart showing the (convoluted) process of making the album Girls And Film.

That difficult first album – it all gets off to a great start, ideas flow and you’re feeling musically inspired. But then life gets in the way, your open reel 8 track breaks down, you’re not happy with your mechanical reverb options so you have to build a plate device, the album concept is film photography so you need 24 tracks.

Well, the writing has been going very well but the recording process is just quite a big undertaking. So, at this point I’ll be putting out an EP of some of the completed songs, along with an extra track that won’t be on the album and isn’t even about photography. Yes it’s been nice to write a song about something else. It’s not even about space, despite the title, Cold Star, which suggests it might be.


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