Girls And Film launch 16 June

Girls And Film cover artAll Will Be Well Records has announced the release date of the long-awaited Moogieman album, Girls And Film, a concept album based around the theme of analogue photography.

The album features 24 tracks and includes songs that have been part of the Moogieman And The Masochists setlist, such as Disposable, Pinhole, I Left My Camera On The Moon and Provia, and of course a host of brand new ones. Many of these will be aired for the first time at the launch gig, which takes place at the Cellar on Friday 16 June.

The album was mainly recorded and produced by Moogieman, with backing vocals from Claire LeMaster (of A Reluctant Arrow), a sax solo by Clare Heaviside (of the Balkan Wanderers) and trumpet parts by Katy Bryer. Producer Stefano Maio of All Will Be Well records has also been part of the production, offering invaluable technical advice and support.

All of those involved will be joining Moogieman on stage for the album launch, along with regular band member Vincent Lynch on bass.

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