New Doppelganger EP releases on 21 November

Doppelganger EP cover

All Will Be Well Records has announced the release of a new Mooogieman EP on 21 November. Doppelganger consists of four tracks recorded together at Moogie Studios with the valuable production assistance of All Will Be Well’s Stefano Maio.

The release is driven by more instrospective, abstract themes than last year’s Girls And Film album, from the title track that was penned in response to Shan Sriharan’s (aka Moogieman) concerns about reports of a lookalike stalking the streets of Oxford, to the long rant of Mister Curator, which complains about the relation of art and production in the contemporary world. ‘I wanted to write a political song that sounds like an apolitical song masquerading as a political song’ explained Shan.

The Doppelganger EP will be available on CD, cassette, Bandcamp and streaming platforms.

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