Lomo moogo

Moogieman at Deja VuSo, I’m getting into Lomography, about 20 years after Viennese pioneers invented it (or should that be rediscovered it).

My interest was sparked when a friend showed me his camera and directed me to a page on flickr. I clicked through a stream of photos that are, in conventional terms, largely unexceptional yet I found them strangely compelling.

A certain quality—dreaminess, soft-focus (even out of focus), blurs, vignetting, and above all grain—reminded me of what had been missing since I switched to digital, around 2001.

So, armed with a Diana Mini I’ve been exploring the Lomo world and generally wasting money on films and lab processing. Hopefully, though, some of my shots of open mic performances and the ones of my recent Deja Vu gig (taken by a willing accomplice) have done something to capture these events and bring them to the wider world with a slightly vintage feel.

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