Open mic tour prep – ties and films

Essential equipment for the open mic tour

I can’t decide which films to take? Or ties? Probably a couple of knitted numbers, along with a narrow grey one for versatility. I think I’ll leave the pale sand crocheted one at home — it has attracted a fair amount comment, not all good.

Huck (formerly of Huck and Handsome Fee, now with Tamara and the Martyrs and moonlighting occasionally with The Epstiein, once remarked that it looked like a piece of squid. Bleached tripe also springs to mind.

How to dress for the different regions of England? Will sartorial elegance go down well in Wakefield? There’s no reason to think it wouldn’t. Though I have a nagging doubt that the stereotypical gritty northern outlook would frown upon what it sees as the dalliances of a southern dandy.

Perhaps in the North West, with its rich culinary traditions, they would appreciate my bleached tripe tie. Perhaps not. Manchester has been at the cutting edge of fashion more than most cities. If I was vaguely at the cutting edge and not out on a limb that might matter I suppose.

In any case I’ll be sure to take my new cream jacket that I picked up for £20 at the weekend. With a high polyester mix if feels a bit like a rain coat, which makes it perfect for the British summer.

That just leaves camera film, and cameras, and chemicals and equipment for developing.

It’s always tricky choosing your film. I managed to get my selection down to fourteen. I’m not planning on shooting fourteen rolls. It’s just that you never know what type of film a particular occasion may demand and it’s nice to have options.

I think I’m fairly well covered – several cheap Boots colour negatives for city shots and general stuff, some Kodak Tri-X black and white for street photography and gigs, a Kodak Portra 800 for indoors, some medium format Fuji Provia slide film for really good weather (one roll of 100 ISO for really really good weather), and a roll of expired Kodak 320T tungsten balanced film just in case the mood takes me.

Oh, and I should probably take a guitar too.

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