Open mic tour by numbers

I’ve now had a chance to make some estimations and calculations. Here is everything you wanted to know about the open mic tour, summarized numerically:

Distance travelled (approx miles) 800      
Open mics played 8      
No. of songs played 23      
Songs per open mic 2.87500
Songs per mile 0.02875
Miles per song 34.782  
Open mics per mile 0.01   
Miles per open mic 100      

Note: the number of songs played only applies to Moogieman, this was slightly different for Lewis.

For those patiently waiting for a quantitative comparison of the different open mics on the tour:

Open mic location Distance travelled Songs played Songs per mile
Birmingham 78 2 0.02564
Hebden Bridge 118 2 0.01695
Manchester 67 3 0.04478
Heckmondwike 46 0 0.00000
York 43 5 0.11628
Nottingham 93 3 0.03226
Huddersfield 78 2 0.02564
Leicester 102 5 0.04902
Oxford 79 1 0.01266

Note: ‘distance’ is the total distance travelled from the previous open mic to the one listed in each row (or from Oxford in the case of the first one); the total distance travelled doesn’t add up to 800 miles because this table doesn’t include the pointless extra trip to Heckmondwike on Saturday; previous caveats about song numbers also apply.

For ease of comparison here is a radar diagram showing the songs per mile for each open mic destination.

Open mic tour, radar chart showing number of songs per mile for each destination

We can see from the diagram that York was the clear winner. Go York!

As the famous Hungarian photographer, Martin Munkacsi said, ‘A picture is not worth a thousand words, it’s worth a thousand bucks’, but this chart is absolutely worthless.

Have you done an open mic tour? Post up your stats and I’ll create another pointless bar or pie chart or perhaps a scatter diagram, or we could even start to build a cartographical information graphic to make (non)sense of the figures.

Next week: Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams describing the process of the open mic tour.


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