Carrot carousal

A stray comment from a work colleague about how all carrots used to be purple until the 17th century led me to the Carrot Museum.

Lots of interesting and useful info here about carrots. The recipes are also well worth checking out.

In fact they inspired me to put on a carrot-themed banquet.


Guests are served with a cocky carrot, a vodka-based carrot cocktail.

A mariachi band sings ranchera about man’s love for root vegetables. The balladeers’ sombreros are tall and painted orange.

The mariachi band disbands and a gong is struck with a carved, dried carrot to summon guests to the dining area.

For those who prefer a lighter meal, served with a hoppy carrot ale, why not dine al fresco with carrot hot dogs?

Guests are seated. A wind ensemble plays Mozart Adagios and Divertimentos on instruments fashioned from dried, lacquered carrots.


Carrot and coriander soup

Main course

Carrot burgers served with jalapeno carrot pickle and German carrots in beer

On the side: carrot bread served with carrot spread


Carrot and sultana pudding served with carrot icecream


Carrot cream cheese and Belgian raw carrot dip served with carrot and oatmeal biscuits

Guests will then be served ground, dried roasted carrot-root coffee followed by a digestif of carrot brandy.

Tables will be cleared and a disco will ensue, playing tracks such as The Amboy Dukes’ ‘Why Is A Carrot More Orange Than An Orange’ and Panda Bear’s ‘Carrots’.

Expect an invite through the post.

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