Moogieman and Vincent Lynch in Ilford HP5

Moogieman and Vincent Lynch

Unfortunately, the busier I am with gigs and presentations on Skylab (such as the recent Pecha Keucha for Art Is Just A Word at the Oxford Hub) the less time I have for this site and for photography. However, I managed to find time last night to develop a roll of Ilford HP5 400 ASA that’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks.

Hidden amongst the silver halide particles were some delightful shots from George’s Jamboree of Music, Comedy and Poetry Possibly from January, including a few of Moogieman and Vincent Lynch.

As often seems to be the case these days, my Diana Mini wasn’t winding on properly and a lot of the photos are partially overlapped. I quite like this so I’ve left many of them as triptychs or, in one case a pentaptych.






Pictures of Moogieman and Vincent Lynch taken by Clare Heaviside (I think).

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