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In The Spotlight - presenting results of the Drawing competition

In The Spotlight - Awkard Actors improv number

In The Spotlight - Lewis Necombe vs Marcel Proust

You may have heard rumours about a monthly variety night at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Jericho, run by Moogieman and Lewis Newcombe, where there is not only a mix of spoken word and musical performances but also regular improvised acting slots and even, it is whispered, a drawing competition.

Surely, you scoff, it’s not been listed on the Moogieman website, there’s no Facebook event, it can’t be true?

Well, in a synthesis (or dialectic if you will) of the cockup and conspiracy theories of history, we can report that the event has been happening since August and the lack of online advertising is partly due to laziness and partly due to a growing fear that virtual publicity is increasingly being used to advertise virtual events that people virtually attend .

That is not to say that Moogieman will be eschewing social media (we live in the real world after all) but rather that more emphasis will be placed on traditional methods of communication, like shouting, smoke signals, and black and white photographs taken

And just in case you’re now thinking that we’re trying to make In The Spotlight deliberately hard to attend, it will be on tomorrow evening, from 8pm at the Albion Beatnik.

In The Spotlight 18 December 2012

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