Night of the living books

Moogieman plays the dragon - by Laura Knowles

So, the last In The Spotlight – the boutique semi-open variety night at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore, run by Moogieman and Lewis Newcombe – coincided with World Book Night.

‘What’s World Book Night?’ I hear you ask, ‘and is it related to World Book Day?’ Normally you’d expect the night to immediately follow, apart from some unspecified but certainly brief twighlight period, the day.

But this is the world of literature where anything is possible and so World Book Night is not on World Book Day or even just after midnight the following day (for those creatures of the night who like staying up really late) but on 23 April.

If that date rings a bell it might be because it’s also St George’s Day (but is it St George’s Night?). Apparently there’s a connection. You can read about it on the World Book Night website.

What better way then, to celebrate such an evening, than to watch or perform in a variety night in Oxford’s coolest bookstore with a St George’s Day themed drawing competition?

Before you all post up a torrent of replies regaling me with tales of revelry and shopping take a look at some of these entries from the drawing competition. Somehow the wining entry didn’t get photographed but nonetheless there’s a veritable display of talent.

The next In The Spotlight will be on Tuesday 21 May, at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Jericho.

Little dragon
Drawing competition 2
Drawing competition 3
Drawing competition 1
St George & the dragon

And another one of me. In case you’re wondering this was drawn by a child, albiet a very talented one.


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