The next song: three hot ideas

Trying to get back to some songwriting. It’s hard trying to settle on an idea to develop. I’m not short of them and perhaps that’s the trouble. Contenders so far include:

The story of Giuseppe Petazzi who designed the Fiat Tagliero building in Asmarra, Eritrea (then Italian-occupied Abbysinia). Probably the most remarkable petrol station in the world. Its 98ft long cantilevered concrete wings were so revolutionary that the building contractor refused to start construction until Petazzi pencilled in some wooden pillars to support the wings. When the service station was finally completed Petazzi pulled out a revolver, stuck it to the contractor’s head and ordered him to remove the wooden pillars.

Pros: The story’s got everything from engineering genius, the evil Fascist invasion of Abbysinia and the potentially murderous passion of an architect to the banality of petrol stations.

Cons: I’d probably have to go there to get a proper feel for the place before I could complete the song.

The adventures of the three mathematical musketeers Div, Grad and Curl. An absurdist tale in the vein of a romantic novel such as … er … The Three Musketeers, involving the eponymous vector operators.

Pros: I could put pretty much anything in this one.

Cons: I’ll need to refresh my knowledge of vector calculus. Never one of my strong points at university, from what I recall, which isn’t very much.

A song about grapefruits. I eat lots of grapefruits so it’s no doubt time I wrote a song about them. The one I ate today was particularly fragrant and juicy, although it had a rather obstinate rind. It could start ‘There’s nothing to match the bitter kick of a grapefruit in the afternoon,’ or ‘Grapefruit, I wanna cut you!’

Pros: It would be a welcome addition to my long-awaited Fruit EP.

Cons: It’s hardly that exciting and many people don’t really like grapefruits. They’ve been subject to some steep price rises recently too.

Let me know your thoughts, preferences, ideas. Remember: vote early; vote often!

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