Long awaited Extended EP (E2P) out on 3 July

Moogieman - Extended EP cover

The Moogiemedia team is pleased to announce that after many months of hard studio work, several months of deliberation and a few months of indecision (not necessarily in that order) the Extended EP (E2P) will be released on 3 July.

The occasion will be marked with a launch gig at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore, featuring new Moogieman backing band The Masochists, which consists of Vincent Lynch on electric drums and Claire LeMaster on keyboards.

There will also be support slots from Laura Theis of Robot Swans and other acts (to be confirmed).

E2P tracklisting and info

  1. Economy Of Love – 01:32
    An attempt to apply the principles of classical economics to the world of romance.
  2. Skylab – 02:27
    About the first and, so far, only strike in space, which took place on the 3rd Skylab mission, 1973.
  3. Diana – 01:44
    Virgin huntress, moon goddess and my one true love, a small turquoise plastic camera.
  4. MP3 (Marine Peilstand Drei) – 01:33
    A failed romance set among the German WW2 fortifications of Alderney, third largest Channel Island. The Marine Peilstand Drei is a fire direction control tower – an iconic cylindrical concrete structure that rises from the centre of the Island above the Mannez Quarry.
  5. When We Vicariously Touch – 01:41
    Sometimes there’s just too much electricity.
  6. No More Flowers Or Dreamy Hours – 01:48
    A sad song about breaking up.
  7. The Apostate Priest Of The PDP-11 – 02:15
    About the winner of the 2003 International Code Contest for Obfustcated C (Please note: any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.)

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