365 days later

After seeing in the new year by hosting a Surrealist-themed party and then grappling with a bad cold, here’s a somewhat belated overview of 2014 and a look at the coming year.

Highlights of 2014 included:

  • The Economy Of Love video.
  • A solo performance at Tandem Festival.
  • The Extended EP launch.
  • Simultaneously performing for the first time with the Masochists.
  • Several more gigs with the Masochists, further refining the live MATM sound and adding new songs to our repertoire.
  • A couple of plays on BBC Introducing, Oxford.
  • The MP3 (Marine Peilstand Drei) video.

In 2015 we can look forward to:

  • The launch of the Fruit EP. Recording is almost finished and I just need to add a few vocals, do the mixing and mastering and shoot a video.
  • More gigs, including a slot at one of the the prestigious Gappy Tooth nights (28 March).
  • The arrival of NASA space probe Dawn at the dwarf planet Ceres (fans of the song Pomegranate should note that Ceres, in Roman nomenclature, was the mother of Proserpina or Perspephone).
  • Some live videos of the Masochists performing, with decent quality sound.
  • More recording, including acoustic drums. I’ve already got a demo of a new song done, except for vocal tracks (my cold has been preventing takes of those) but I’ll post something up soon.
  • The NASA New Horizons craft’s closest approach to Pluto on 14 July (fans of Pomegranate will need no further explanation of the significance).
  • Hopefully a 7″ vinyl single release of All The Cool people if we can cobble together the funds.


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