New release: SFOM EP

SFOM EP by MoogiemanA new Moogieman EP is now available, featuring brand new recordings of Snow Falls On Mars, Louis Bleriot’s Moustache and Economy Of Love. The EP, officially titled the SFOM EP, also includes The Breda.

Louis Bleriot’s Moustache and Economy Of Love are straightforward ‘live’ recordings made with a couple of microphones. Snow Falls On Mars is a more elaborate affair, recorded over a period of about a year (though not continuously of course). As well as numerous keyboard parts there are about 36 backing vocal parts – though that’s really 12 separate harmony parts as each harmony is recorded with 3 vocal tracks to smooth out the sound.

The SFOM EP will be available at gigs and open mics, and hopefully at local record shops in the near future.

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