Flotilla Thrilla

There’s simply nothing better than messing about on boats.
And you can’t get any wetter than by messing about on boats.
With me,
Oh don’t you see.
So come on let’s mess around.
And I promise I won’t let you drown
Just yet.

Possibly the first of its kind, the Flotilla Thrilla is a waterborne open mic-type evening of performance that will take place in punts, on the River Cherwell.

As the punts have limited capacity it’s not exactly a public event but you can come and listen or even take part from the southern bank opposite Mesopotamia, the long thin island that runs between the rollers in the University Parks and King’s Mill Lane in Marston. And of course if you have your own boat you’re welcome to join the flotilla.

We’ll be heading from the rollers, down the southern side of Mesopotamia from 7pm on Friday 17 June

Look out for pictures and an account of the event.

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